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If you or someone close to you has recently suffered a spine injury, you know that no aspect of your life remains untouched by such an affliction. Coping with a life-altering and debilitating injury can take an immense toll on a victim and their entire family, especially if the spine injury was caused by the negligence of someone else.

At Block LLP, our Burbank spine injury lawyers can help individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries attain compensation that will cover all their accident-related medical expenses for life. We understand how to calculate your losses, preserve relevant evidence, find expert medical witnesses, and work with insurance companies to secure the compensation and treatment you need.

When severe spine injuries result from someone’s negligence or an intentional act of violence, we believe that person should be held accountable for damages—not the victim.

What Are Spinal Cord Injuries?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a spinal cord injury occurs when something damages any part of the spinal cord or the nerves at the end of the spinal canal. Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent changes in motor function and sensation to parts of the body below the site of the injury.

Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

While the spinal cord can be damaged by illnesses and other factors, for the purpose of spinal cord injury claims, the following are among the most common causes of spine injuries:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and other traffic accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injury in the U.S., accounting for nearly half of spine injuries every year.
  • Falls: About 31% of spinal cord injuries are caused by falls, making them the next major cause of spine injuries. Falls most commonly adversely affect the elderly, but people of any age are susceptible to suffering a severe spine injury due to a fall.
  • Acts of violence: Violent encounters, such as assault and battery, can lead to serious spine injury, especially if weapons are involved.
  • Sports and recreation: Athletic activities cause about 10% of spinal cord injuries, especially participating in impact sports like football and diving into shallow water.
  • Construction site and other work accidents: Construction workers and people who work at other hazardous sites are susceptible to falls and being crushed by or in between objects, all of which can lead to spinal cord damage.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

It is possible to retain some feeling and motor function below a spinal cord injury—the effects depend on the severity of the damage. Spinal cord injuries are classified as one of the following:

  • Incomplete (Partial): Some motor and/or sensory function is still intact below the area where the injury occurred.
  • Complete (Total): No motor or sensory function remains below the site of the injury.

Examples of serious spine injuries include:

  • Paraplegia: Paraplegia is the partial or total loss of function in the lower half of the body, including both legs.
  • Quadriplegia: Also known as tetraplegia, quadriplegia is the partial or total loss of function in all four limbs and the torso.
  • Hemiplegia: One side of the body is partially or totally paralyzed; for example, the right arm, right leg, and right torso.

Long Term Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can alter a victim’s life in myriad ways. Someone with a spine injury may no longer be able to participate in activities they enjoyed prior to their accident and may even be forced to quit their job. They may even have trouble functioning on their own and may require lifelong treatment and care.

Spinal cord injuries may result in one or more of the following:

  • Circulatory problems
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Loss of motor control (the ability to move)
  • Loss of or altered sensation
  • Loss of or altered sexual function, sexual sensitivity, and fertility
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain
  • Weight loss

Aside from the physical symptoms, coping with one’s new lifestyle and living with constant pain causes some spine injury victims to suffer depression. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may also be an issue, especially if the injury was caused by an especially traumatic event, like a car accident.

Limited mobility also tends to lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, which can put victims at risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Because of this, people with a spine injury may need to work with psychologists, dieticians, physical therapists, fitness trainers, and others to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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