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If you or a loved one has recently suffered a catastrophic injury, you and your family may be dealing with an incredible amount of pain, stress, sadness, frustration, and worry. A catastrophic injury can throw your whole life off course to the extent where you may feel as though you have no options for recovery and nothing more to look forward to.

The Burbank catastrophic injury attorneys at Block LLP can help. While we cannot erase the pain and suffering you and those close to you have already endured, we can help you to construct a claim that will bolster your chances of receiving compensation that will cover all your medical bills and other accident-related expenses for life. The complexity and high stakes of catastrophic injury claims make it crucial to have the right lawyer on your side when you initiate a lawsuit. We understand the incredible amount of stress and pain you are under—let us help by handling the legal aspects of your claim while you focus on your health and well being during this tough time.

What Makes an Injury Catastrophic?

A “catastrophic injury” is any injury that results in a long-term if not permanent disability and significantly disrupts a person’s life. This typically means that the victim is no longer physically and/or mentally capable of making a living on their own and requires intensive medical treatment and/or ongoing care.

The long term effects of a catastrophic injury are profound. The victim’s entire life is upended as they deal with the painful physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial changes forced upon them by their accident. The victim’s loved ones may be affected as well, as family members may have to take care of the injured person or perhaps were financially dependent on the victim before the accident.

Catastrophic injuries are often caused by:

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Examples of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Severe burns (third and fourth degree)
  • Loss of limb/amputation
  • Loss of sight, hearing, or another sense
  • Severe traumatic brain and head injuries
  • Severe spinal cord damage (quadriplegia, paraplegia, etc.)

Any other debilitating injury that involves serious harm and/or disfigurement as well as a reduced quality of life can likely be categorized as catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries may also be situational. For example, if a professional dancer loses the ability to use one or both of their legs, there’s a good chance their injury will be classified as catastrophic—even if they are still somewhat mobile—since their livelihood has been taken away.

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    Damages You Can Recover in a Catastrophic Injury Claim

    Since catastrophic injuries affect every facet of a person’s life and are typically permanent, the cost of treating such injuries is enormous. Not only do victims usually require immediate hospitalization and care, but they may have to undergo surgeries, rehabilitation, and/or counseling. On top of that, the victim may require changes to their home and special equipment to help them get around, such as ramps and wheelchairs. These costs add up very quickly and often continue to accumulate for the remainder of the victim’s life.

    A one-time insurance settlement is simply not going to cut in when it comes to catastrophic injury claims, as the victim’s costs will continue to accumulate over time. By filing a lawsuit, you should be able to collect compensation for:

    • All your past and future medical expenses
    • Lost earnings from having to quit your job
    • Pain and suffering endured due to the injury
    • Other relevant and necessary expenses

    Our Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Can Help You Receive Just Compensation

    If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, Block LLP is here to help. While we cannot undo the accident that led to your disability or take away the pain it has caused, we will fight to secure the funds you need to make your best recovery possible and live a comfortable life. Our team is composed of experienced litigators who understand how to build a strong claim and are willing to fight for you as long as it takes—even if we have to go to court.

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