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Vehicle Property Damage Claims in Southern California

As a resident of Southern California, your car is probably one of the most important things you own. Whether it’s a high-priced luxury vehicle, one of a kind vintage Porsche, or a hand me down that makes troubling noises every time you start it up, having harm come to your vehicle at no fault of your own can be devastating both emotionally and financially.

At Block LLP, our Burbank property damage claim lawyers can help you obtain the funds you need to pay for vehicle repairs or a replacement if your car was damaged due to the negligent actions of someone else.

By filing a property damage claim, we can help you secure compensation for:

  • The cost of repairing your vehicle
  • The fair market value of the car if it is a total loss
  • The cost of a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop
  • The replacement value of upgrades made to your car, such as a custom stereo system

What Is a Property Damage Claim?

A property damage claim is a report that policyholders submit to their insurance company in the event items they have insured have been damaged. Property damage claims can cover anything of value that you own but often relate to auto accidents and other events that damage one’s vehicle.

Everyone’s insurance policy is different, so you will have to review your specific policy on your own or with a lawyer to determine the exact coverage you have and what procedures are necessary to receive it. However, all policies are required to have a form of liability insurance that includes property damage coverage.

There are two types of vehicle property damage coverage:

  • Collision: This coverage applies when you are involved in an accident with another motor vehicle.
  • Comprehensive: This coverage applies to other types of damage that are not the vehicle owner’s fault, such as if your car was damaged by a fire, robbery, vandalism, or natural disaster.

Property Damage Claims Process

Steps to take to file a property damage claim include:

  • Notify the police of the damage and file an accident report. The police will conduct an investigation to determine who was at fault for the damage and will note that on the report. Get a copy of the report for your own records if you can.
  • Take as many pictures (and/or video footage) of the damage as you can. Photograph it from all angles and capture anything that did or may have damaged your vehicle. Save these images as well.
  • Once a police report has been filed and fault has been determined, notify your insurance company. They will have a claims adjuster sent over to review the case and assess the damage.

Throughout the claims process, save any other documentation or evidence that might be relevant to your claim, such as receipts, the contact information of any witnesses, and your personal account of how you remember the accident occurring. The more evidence you have to support your claim, the better.

Finally, never say anything to the police or an insurance agent that may even suggest that you are accepting fault for the damage. Even verbalizing something like “I’m sorry” can jeopardize your claim.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Call (818) 740-5335 to work with an experienced Burbank property damage claim lawyer and receive the maximum amount of compensation you are owed.

How an Attorney Can Bolster Your Property Damage Claim

Having a lawyer on your side throughout the claims process can be beneficial in many ways. A property damage lawyer like those at Block LLP can advise you on what steps to take and help you file your claim from the beginning, which is especially useful for those who own expensive vehicles as well as individuals who lack experience in such claims. An attorney can also be an asset if you don’t know who is at fault for damaging your vehicle.

For more information on how we can assist with your property damage claim, contact our team to book a free consultation.

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