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Most people associate assault and battery as a crime, which it is. It is also an action for private compensation. If you have been threatened or physically harmed by an individual, reach out to our Burbank assault and battery injury attorneys to seek compensation for your injuries.

What Is the Difference Between an Assault and Battery?

What Is Considered Assault?

An assault is the threat of an attack or an action which can cause someone to believe an attack is immanent. An example of this would be someone clenching a fist with close enough distance to strike a person or someone purposely swerving a car in your direction. Assault does not require any contact with the victim.

What Is Considered Battery?

Battery, on the other hand, requires some sort of contact with the senses. It could even be someone playing very loud music which damages your hearing.

However, typically the contact is physical touch, such as:

  • From throwing a punch
  • Or from causing an object to strike the victim

How Our Los Angeles County Assault and Battery Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you have been assaulted and/or battered, you could have a claim. These types of claims in the personal injury field commonly involve security guards and staff who wrongfully hurt victims. The business will be responsible for the actions of its employees, and you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Block LLP is here to help. Contact our firm online or call (818) 740-5335 for a free consultation to evaluate the strength and value of your claim.

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