Alexander Safarian Talks to Medium About What It Takes to Become a Top Lawyer

Chere Estrin of Medium recently interviewed our very own Alexander Safarian on “The 5 Things You Need to Become a Top Lawyer in Your Specific Field of Law.” Attorney Safarian had endless insight, but we’ve included the highlights of his interview here:

Have a Reason to Practice

Alexander Safarian started practicing law to help people, and he chose personal injury and landlord-tenant law because these fields allow him to directly impact – and improve – the lives of others.

For him, hearing a client say, “Thank you. You’ve changed my life,” makes it all worth it.

Patience, Persistence, and Empathy

Each and every person you meet is special in some way,” says Attorney Safarian. That’s why he leads his practice with empathy and kindness. Safarian also realizes, however, that success does not happen overnight. For this reason, he prioritizes patience and persistence in his practice, as well.

With hard work over time, Attorney Safarian began to receive referrals from his former clients and grow his practice. He explains:

The majority of my practice is word of mouth and my clients are my biggest advocates.”

Keep a Local Outlook Before Expanding

Attorney Safarian went to Southwestern Law School right here in Los Angeles and doesn’t believe a “top-tier” legal education is necessary to produce smart, bright, and successful attorneys. Going to school in Los Angeles also gave Safarian a feel for the community he helps.

One of his most exciting projects at the moment is starting a non-profit organization geared toward solving the homelessness problem in Los Angeles.

Safarian is also excited to take Block LLP and its business model across county and state lines to help lawyers across California and the United States provide the best possible legal help to their own communities.

Don’t Be Afraid of Technology

COVID-19 sped up the digitization of the legal field. Attorneys should not hesitate to work remotely and use forward-facing technology to collaborate and make the legal process more convenient for their clients.

Block LLP, for instance, has a hybrid setup and built itself with technology in mind. We are happy to use the newest technology to do our jobs more efficiently and save our clients time and money.

Technology can also be useful for networking and making new connections. Block LLP engages with colleagues and clients on social media, hosts webinars, and creates content on YouTube.

In Summary

When Estrin asked Safarian what the 5 things every lawyer needed to be successful in the legal industry, this is what he had to say:

  1. Empathy – always be empathetic and help people selflessly.
  2. Be nice – to both clients and colleagues to preserve your professional reputation and the respect and trust people have for you.
  3. Technology –automate time-consuming tasks and use technology to work smarter, not harder.
  4. Meet people – meet and engage with as many people as you can to get advice and referrals. Recognize that everyone you meet has something to teach you.
  5. Understand your limits – you might be an amazing attorney but a terrible businessman. Get people to help you with the things you’re not good at instead of trying to do everything yourself.

Alexander Safarian is a founding partner of Block LLP and has been ranked as a top 40 under 40 attorney for personal injury and real estate law. He has also been selected to the Super Lawyers 2022 California Rising Stars List.

You can learn more about Alex and our firm by visiting our website, and if you need legal help, do not hesitate to contact us at (818) 740-5335 or online.