What to Do If You Are Going to the Emergency Room After a Crash

If you suffer a serious or catastrophic injury in a car accident, an ambulance will take you to the emergency room for immediate medical care. Although the most important thing at the moment is your health and well-being, you must also maintain your legal right to file a car accident claim and obtain financial compensation.

The following are several steps you should take when you are in the emergency room after a crash:

  • Only disclose the important details of the accident – Try to keep the descriptions of the accident concise, rather than provide an elaborate story. Although you may be tempted to talk about every single detail of the crash, it may be possible for the medical staff to misinterpret your story when discussing your case with legal experts. You could end up being held partially or completely liable for causing the accident.
  • Tell them about all your symptoms – Tell the healthcare providers about all your potential injury symptoms, including pains and aches. Mild discomfort could actually be a symptom of a more serious injury. The ER doctor can determine the full extent of your injury, avoid misdiagnosis, and provide the best possible treatment.
  • Request written instructions – After receiving medical treatment, ask the doctor to provide written instructions for any further care you may need after you are discharged from the emergency room. Not only are these instructions aimed to ensure you make the best possible recovery from injury, but they can also be used as evidence in your claim or lawsuit to demonstrate the severity of your injury.
  • Be mindful of high medical costs – Emergency rooms are not worried about providing affordable care. Instead, they give the best possible and most immediate treatment for your injury. Therefore, your hospital bills may be extremely high. Fortunately, your personal injury attorney can ensure these costs are covered by the at-fault driver from the accident.

Once your injury has been addressed and treated, you need to hire an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and best interests throughout the legal process. At Block LLP, we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients and maintained 98 percent success rate.

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